Miracle on 41st Street

Mid-Beach endures a blackout

"It's after nine."

"So we'll take a chance."

And they trooped off up the road.

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Back at my place, every window was gleaming with light, and a little group had formed in the courtyard to talk over the enormity of the evening's events. The candle guy, in the apartment above mine, was so happy he was playing his merengue tapes at top volume, violating an agreement we'd worked out. I waited till 11, then jabbed the kitchen broom handle at the ceiling three times, our signal, and soon the noise abated . . .

On Tuesday, Florida Power & Light confirmed a line down for 33 minutes on a grid breaker. "A short inconvenience," the utility company woman reassured me. "I bet no one in your neighborhood even noticed."

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