Letters from the Issue of December 12, 2002

Once upon a time there was this African-American surgeon...

Today a medical school in Los Angeles bears his name. He also is linked with distinction to an elementary school and a middle school here in Miami that each bear his name. These schools serve many children growing up in economically challenging conditions who certainly benefit from Dr. Drew's stature as a role model. I have personally served as a science instructor at Charles R. Drew Middle School and have tried to infuse some medical information into lessons, hoping no student will forget for whom their school is named as they strive for academic excellence.

Not all stories with a blood-banking connection need to be steeped in controversy. Charles R. Drew was a great physician, scientist, and humanitarian. And you can take that to the "blood bank."

Dr. Kenneth Gross


The Art of Omission

Hello? What do we have to do to get noticed? I read Alfredo Triff's article "Making the Grade" (November 28) with a lot of interest because I am a professor at the Ai International Fine Arts College, the Miami art university he omitted in his dialogue with representatives of other schools. Just like UM, we are a private school, and like FIU and UM and the New World School of the Arts, we are SACS accredited to award BFA and MFA degrees.

Since UM's Brian Curtis mentioned the names of three of my colleagues, Mr. Triff's piece would have been more interesting and more balanced had he also interviewed Mary Malm, Franklin Einspruch, and Kerry Ware. Perhaps he could do a followup, especially since our school is in the process of upgrading the studio facilities and gallery area.

Mari Conea-Rosenfeld

Ai International Fine Arts College


The Omission of Art

Get real -- Miami has been artist-unfriendly in a big way: I read Alfredo Triff's article and, as an artist, was very disappointed at the response of our "educators," or whatever they are, to the problems in our city. In Miami art is a second-class profession. Only the younger artists have come to the rescue, but that is despite art schools and galleries and dealers.

I have friends at FIU who have issues with that school and their programs, not to mention UM, which is very expensive for the service it provides to art students.

It's time to stop the publicity and tune in with the art community.

Tony Alvarado


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