Barton Gee!

Finally, a great restaurant that locals can enjoy

Seafoods and meats are also offered straightforwardly off the grill, the fish accompanied by lemon-scented rice and vegetables, the meats with the same veggies and a twice-baked potato.

When it came our turn for dessert we went with somewhat more subdued sweets than those aforementioned, starting with "New Orleans' trio of beignets": crunchy, hard-on-the-teeth balls of fudge that were nothing like beignets; powdery, dissolve-in-the-mouth-like-cotton-candy balls of vanilla that were sugary and softly pleasing; and real, doughnut-like balls of "original" beignets. Three sizable mounds, three dips to dunk them into: whipped cream, warm fudge, and raspberry jam. A very sociable dessert to pick at with friends, and if they come up with a better chocolate version, this will be a winner -- but will never match "The Ultimate Barton G Sundae," three pints of homemade "funky flavors of the day" with all the traditional fixin's.

Barton is known for his meticulous attention to detail, and it shows up from the home-baked breads at the beginning of the meal, to the finale of four types of French press coffees and an attractive range of whole-leaf black, green, and silk-bagged tisane herbal/fruit teas. Evidently Mr. Weiss was not in the house the first night we dined here, or his keen eye would have noticed that my wine glass exhibited a preponderance of water spots. The wine list, incidentally, is smartly constructed as well, stocked with numerous selections from unique boutique California vineyards.

So the onyx bar cost $75,000, you are not the one paying a high price at Barton G
Steve Satterwhite
So the onyx bar cost $75,000, you are not the one paying a high price at Barton G

Location Info


Barton G. the Restaurant

1427 West Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: South Beach


305-672-8881. Open for dinner daily, Monday through Thursday 5:30 to 11:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Sunday 5:30 to 10:00 p.m.
1427 West Ave, Miami Beach

The swank, attractive surroundings; swank, attractive crowd; trendy bar scene; thoughtful wine list; alluring fare; wonderfully wacky desserts; and countless titillating details make Barton G the most daringly and delightfully different restaurant to open in Miami Beach since the respective debuts of China Grill and Tantra. Yet though your Barton bill will come in an envelope marked "The Damage," you'll spend far less here than at those other two emporiums of hip South Beach dining. And that's the final Barton twist: Even locals can enjoy this place.

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