Letters from the Issue of December 5, 2002

Latin rock star strikes back!

Jesus Vega


I Remember Watson

He was too young to die: I would like to thank Mike Clary for the recognition he gave my ex-boyfriend Watson Chery ("M.O.B.," November 14). We were in a relationship from 1999 to 2001. Even after we broke up, we always kept in contact with each other.

I have spent time mourning the loss of my loved one. I've actually sat here and cried about the memories Watson and I shared. Somehow I know he is here watching over me. I can feel his presence surround me at all times. For example, when I started reading Mr. Clary's article, a song called "Crazy" by K-Ci & JoJo (which I played the day of Watson's funeral) started playing. I cried again, wondering why he had to leave.

Watson, Jerry St. Pierre, and I attended American High School during the 2000-2001 school year. We shared a good friendship.

Anya Wilson


Giving New Meaning to American Music

From Tacoma to Tierra del Fuego, the song's the same: After reading Celeste Fraser Delgado's "Shake" column about the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, and then after the awards, I was struck by one thing: We were witnessing not so much the birth of a pan-Latin American musical culture but the beginnings of a pan-American musical culture ("Yo Quiero Mi MTV," October 24).

The mixture of American rock, rap, and Latin textures was unmistakable. I think what I heard was the birth of a music of the Americas.

Brant Hadaway

Coconut Grove

But This Song's Not At All the Same

It's "Mustang Sally" and don't you forget it: Attention Omar Perez: The title of the song you referred to in "Catch it Live!" about the Hadden Sayers Band is "Mustang Sally," not "Ride, Sally, Ride" ("Rock Like the Texans Do," September 26). It's sad that a music preview would be written by a person who doesn't know the name of this classic song.

Yes, it has been overplayed by bad bar bands, but let's strive for some journalistic accuracy. By the way, "Mustang Sally" was written by Bonny Rice, wife of Mack Rice.

Aaron Merideth

South Miami

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