Raul Martinez's Goddaddy

Why was Camilo Padreda so anxious to save the Chief?

So, with political support non-existent, the prospect of a new boss in January (the city manager is the only one who can fire department heads), and his health to consider, Martinez's future on the force looked bleak. The choice was obvious -- resign and keep your dignity or face the likelihood of a messy battle ahead. It's too bad, Gimenez says. He considers Martinez "an honorable man" who inherited a lot of the problems the department now faces. And, he adds, he felt the chief was working to correct those problems.

But others clearly saw him as part of the problem. After 28 years on that force, Martinez was being asked to overhaul not only the system that created him, but the one that rewarded him. In that sense he's part of a continuum. "I hold the chief only partially responsible" for problems in the department, Winton says. Past chiefs are to blame as well. "Quality leadership would prevent the kind of institutionalized mismanagement that's occurred there."

The Chief before the storm
Steve Satterwhite
The Chief before the storm

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