Letters from the Issue of October 24, 2002

Bring back Robert Rosenberg!

As for Jorge Mursuli, he deserves recognition for keeping in check those people with real influence, not perceived influence. Thanks to women and men like Mursuli, the rest of the community can be assured that someone is watching and holding public officials accountable for their behavior.

Dylan Sanders


Editor's note: As reported in Tristram Korten's article, days before the September 10 election Reverend Sims reversed his position and announced his support for maintaining the county's anti-discrimination ordinance.

Aging Rocker Trashed

Disrespectful writer insults Jagger, displays abysmal ignorance: One wonders how a calendar editor would understand what is required to sustain a level of popularity that fills stadiums with fans. Nina Korman's preview of the Rolling Stones makes it abhorrently clear she knows more about trashing others' longevity than about true rock and roll ("Night & Day," October 17). The fact that Mick Jagger has generations of family surrounding him should not be a point of degradation. Furthermore, when a person knows how to do something right (read the reviews around the country of their current tour), observers should demonstrate an appropriate level of respect.The Stones have proved their talent time and time again, and they continue to "start me up." Time for the Stones to quit? Who should truly think about quitting?

Norvin Griner

Coconut Grove

Aging Teen Idol Trashed

Embittered writer ridicules Garrett, exposes disgusting beer gut: Let's see ... Leif Garrett is 40 years old, so that would make his original fan base a few years younger, say 35 to 38 or so. In Jeff Stratton's nasty and generally misinformed introduction to his interview with Leif ("Leif Blower," September 19), he wrote, "Garrett cheerfully calls [his new band] a cross between Led Zeppelin and Stone Temple Pilots -- a mix unlikely to arouse his now-menopausal fan base." Someone should tell Stratton that women generally don't go through menopause at such a young age.Any person who feels the need to write such a negative intro must be seething with jealousy. The image of a fat, middle-age dude, sitting at his PC in the middle of the night, scratching his hairy beer gut, came to mind as I tried to conjure up this alleged writer.

What's the matter, Mr. Stratton, were all the teenage girls ignoring you and your nerdy, pimply faced friends back in the Seventies, while they all drooled over Leif and Shaun? Or more likely, you probably had visions of yourself being a star in a rock band. But no, you're sitting in your cave, watching life pass you by, hurling insults at guys who are making their dreams come true.

Get out and see Leif perform, Mr. Stratton. You'll have a surprisingly great time and the fresh air could do your disposition a world of good.

Sue Cascio

Stamford, Connecticut

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