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A Brazilian's paintings and Spanish designers work around space

What other photographer besides Joseph Tamargo has three simultaneous exhibits all over Miami? Answer: none. His works can be viewed at the downtown public library, and at Books and Books in Coral Gables there's "Botella Ron, Tabaco a Mano," which documents Tamargo's recent four-day trip to Havana.I take pleasure in the fact that Tamargo portrays a different Havana than the stereotyped decaying city, though his trip was too quick to really gather substantial stuff. See this show keeping in mind two of Tamargo's ongoing motifs: the cemetery and the zoo -- themes you can also ponder from the Chilean perspective at ArtCenter/South Florida's "Misty Wanderings and Hidden Ways." An associate professor of photography at Miami-Dade Community College at the Wolfson Campus, Tamargo is a two-time recipient of a Fulbright scholarship to Chile. These ten pictures radiate light, color, and a particular human flavor that reflect the location.

Daniel Senise has a room with a view, one that is often empty and alone
Daniel Senise has a room with a view, one that is often empty and alone


Recent Works
Paintings by Daniel Senise through Oct. 28 at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, 3080 SW 38th Ct; 305-774-5969.

Through Oct. 25 at the Centro Cultural Español, 800 Douglas Rd, Coral Gables; 305-448-9677.

Misty Wanderings and Hidden Ways
With photos by Joseph Tamargo, Stuart Coppin, and José Rodriguez, through Nov. 3 at Art Center/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach; 305-674-8278.

We see people in the middle of their daily activities: a girl absorbed in watching a crocodile at the zoo, an Old Havana façade, a simple view of a cemetery, a black man giving food to an old man, or a couple kissing alongside a line of Russian Lada cars, next to La Cabaña fortress. Tamargo's photos are not posed, and are hit-or-miss. While other artists may look for esoteric integrity, Tamargo prefers to seek spontaneous truths by capturing the simplicity of everyday life in front of our eyes. His photos are about places, colors, and humanity. With that understanding, it's then you can enjoy the fruits of his dedication to images.

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