I Am the Product

Eric Knight is looking for better rock placement

Around 2000, eager for a followup, Knight entered the studio to start work on what would become Fractured Fairy Tales, although as Murphy's Law dictates, everything that can go wrong probably will. Earlier this year, for example, a wealthy investor-turned-fan offered to fund Knight's endeavors. Attorneys from both parties spent six months discussing the finer details, but the would-be investor backed out the day before final arrangements were to be made. "This guy just loved music; he was looking at it as 'You have potential, and I have money,'" Knight says. "In that respect it's a cool thing. We told him it's a risky proposition. I think that may have freaked him out.

"After this whole thing fell through with the investor I just said 'Screw it.' You try to depend on people and people just don't wind up coming through." To offset that reality, Knight created his own 28 Records to release his own material, although the plan is to have the label picked up by a major. That would allow Knight to keep the rights with financial backing and the ability to sign bands, as well as perhaps score music for films.

Knight says, Let your children grow up to be guitar players
Knight says, Let your children grow up to be guitar players


Saturday, October 19, Tickets cost $35 to $79.50. Call 561-793-0445.
The Coral Sky Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach.

For a while Knight floated the idea of playing as a stripped-down solo artist while continuing the band thing separately. (Knight did perform a few solo dates in New York City and Los Angeles.) As a result, Soundsystem, the name of the collective, surfaced momentarily, although it didn't last very long. "Everybody wanted to feel like a part of the band, and I guess they didn't feel like they were a part of it under my name," Knight says. "People might take it the wrong way but it's not that. I don't want things to be half-assed. People might call it ego, but it's my name and my product, and I am my product."

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