Ironic Potential

This comedy is dark stuff, and it deserves a spotlight

This lunacy is backed by the Playhouse's crack design team. M.P. Amico's brooding retro studio looms in the first act, then morphs into a series of wacky locales in the second. Mary Lunne Izzo, always a high-flying costume designer, has pulled free of gravity altogether here, with a dizzying array of whimsical getups.

Trying to be human -- Claire Tyler as android Jacie lets soap operas be her guide
Trying to be human -- Claire Tyler as android Jacie lets soap operas be her guide


Written by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by David Arisco. With Peter Haig, Terrell Hardcastle, April Henry, Joe Kimble, David Kwiat, Lisa Morgan, Bob Rogerson, Lourelene Snedeker, Susanne Kreitman Taylor, and Claire Tyler. Through Oct. 27 at the Actors Playhouse, 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables; 305-444-9293.

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Director Arisco has always been attracted to plays with formidable production challenges -- he is a born puzzle-solver. Now he is faced with a really tough puzzle: How does he keep his stalwart audience base while venturing into more complex fare? The Actors Playhouse gang has the talent, the physical facilities, and the apparent intention to step up to the top ranks of American regional theater. But will its audience go along with it? And will the local complainers, who carp about the problems in this theater scene, be prepared to support local companies that dare to dream great dreams?

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