Letters from the Issue of September 19, 2002

Seeing America from a passenger train was inspiring

Karen L. Oleet

Miami Beach

Budding Journalist Brutally Honest

Worries over Jilda's detractors, reads free weekly only occasionally: I'm an eleventh-grade student at Coral Gables High School and am interested in a future career in journalism. Admittedly I don't read New Times every week but I did catch Rebecca Wakefield's article "Is Jilda Unruh Getting Stiffed?" (September 5) and found that it raised some interesting questions.

I have seen many of Channel 10's investigative reports concerning the school board, the school district administration, and the surrounding controversies. I've also discussed many of those topics with teachers and classmates. Because I'm familiar with the reports it was really disappointing to see the reaction of several New Times readers regarding Ms. Unruh's reporting skills and the station's courage with respect to the viewers' right to know.

So what's the deal here? Are these letter writers so disconnected from what happens within the school system, or do they dislike school kids so much they would rather not hear the bad news and believe everything is just fine? I hope this ostrich behavior is not infectious. I would rather believe that owing to Ms. Unruh and WPLG's good reporting, the school system will be improved if for no other reason than embarrassment.

Rodolfo Tomarchio


Rodent Detected Among Jilda's Detractors

Did free weekly take the bait? Regarding the letters to the editor in the September 12 issue, which could have been titled, "How Do We Loathe Jilda Unruh? Let Us Count the Ways," I think you guys have been had by a letter-writing campaign.

You don't have to be an FBI agent to see that those letters were all a little too orchestrated, a little too similar, a little too personal. I smell a rat. I'd bet you a week's salary you couldn't locate those people and verify those letters if you tried.

Rob Feldman


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