Greed, thievery, corruption, and betrayal -- the sordid tale of Miriam Alonso's downfall

When Mr. Exposito was subpoenaed to provide testimony regarding the receipt, he advised Elba Morales that he was subpoenaed, and she requested that he meet with her at Miriam Alonso's district office. Leonel Alonso and Elba Morales both met with Mr. Exposito outside of the district office, expressing fear that the office had been "bugged" and their conversations were being monitored by police. During their conversation with Mr. Exposito, Elba Morales and Leonel Alonso both advised Mr. Exposito to tell investigators that the information he had written on the receipt was correct and was indeed a reimbursement for monies he had expended on the anti-recall effort. Mr. Exposito stated that Leonel Alonso advised him to "stick to his guns" and not change his story. On the day that Mr. Exposito provided false sworn testimony at the State Attorney's Office, he responded to Miriam Alonso's district office thereafter. He again spoke to Elba Morales and Leonel Alonso, who questioned him regarding his testimony. Mr. Alonso stated that he was pleased with what Exposito had done. Mr. Alonso called Exposito a "true friend," and embraced him. The events described above by Exposito were corroborated by Elba Morales.

Mr. Exposito stated that sometime in late July 2002, Miriam Alonso contacted him at his cellular telephone and asked him to go by the Alonso residence, because she and Leonel wished to speak to him. When Exposito arrived at Miriam and Leonel Alonso's residence, he was advised by the Alonsos that they wished to speak to him at a different location. They asked him to accompany them to a friend's residence nearby. Leonel Alonso then drove Mr. Exposito and Miriam Alonso to this residence, where they briefly met with the owner. The owner of the residence then walked up to the second floor and left Mr. Exposito alone with Miriam and Leonel Alonso in the living room area. Leonel Alonso then proceeded to advise Mr. Exposito that Elba Morales was now cooperating with the police. Leonel Alonso told Mr. Exposito that he should consider Elba Morales's lifestyle, and Miriam and Leonel Alonso stated that Ms. Morales had been stealing from them.

1. Organized Scheme to Defraud ($50,000 or more), F.S. 817.034(4)(a) 1D Felony

2. Grand Theft (between $20,000 and $100,000), F.S. 812.014(2)(b) 2D Felony

3. Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence, F.S. 918.13(b) 3D Felony

4. Conspiracy to Tamper With or Fabricate Physical Evidence, F.S. 777.04(3) 1D Misdemeanor

5. Solicitation to Commit Perjury in Official Proceedings, F.S. 777.04(2) 1D Misdemeanor

6. Exploitation of Official Position, Dade County Code Section 2-11.1(g) 2D Misdemeanor (Miriam Alonso only)

Detective Antonio Rodriguez, Co-affiant

Special Agent John Kennedy, Co-affiant

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