Greed, thievery, corruption, and betrayal -- the sordid tale of Miriam Alonso's downfall

Elba Morales stated that for the next several months, Miriam Alonso reminded her of the $2000 balance owed to Alonso. Later that year, in October 2000, according to Elba Morales, Miriam Alonso told her that she wished to help her daughter, Miriam Alonso-Miles, with some money for her children's school. Elba Morales told your affiants that Miriam Alonso instructed her to write a check to Alonso-Miles for the $2000 loan she still owed her. Elba Morales stated that on October 16, 2000, she wrote and delivered a check to Alonso-Miles, which Alonso-Miles cashed on the same day. Elba Morales also stated that Miriam Alonso-Miles did not work on any anti-recall effort. Miriam Alonso-Miles has also stated to your affiants that she did no such work.

The third check written to Vanessa Morales, the one for $5000 dated November 30, 1999, was used to open a joint bank account between Vanessa and Ileana Morales. Elba Morales stated to your affiants that she wrote the check to Vanessa Morales to make it appear that it was payment for work done by Vanessa on a phone bank during Miriam Alonso's anti-recall effort. Vanessa Morales verified that the check was deposited into the joint account. On March 14, 2000, Elba Morales advised Vanessa that she needed to write a check from the joint account in order to return some of the money from the check to Miriam Alonso. Elba Morales advised that she personally wrote a check for $3000 in Vanessa Morales's name and asked Ileana Morales, her daughter, to sign the check. Vanessa Morales stated that she took the check, cashed it, and later turned the $3000 in U.S. currency over to Elba Morales, who stated that she, in turn, gave the cash to Miriam Alonso. Although the $2000 that remained in the account from the check was still owed to Miriam Alonso, Vanessa Morales and Ileana Morales stated that the money was used by them to settle personal bills.

With regards to the still remaining $2000 debt to Miriam Alonso, Elba Morales stated that approximately $1100 was also supposed to be allotted to her daughter, Christine Morales, for her use in paying her 1998 federal income taxes. According to Elba Morales, as previously stated, Christine Morales had cashed $8500 worth of checks during Miriam Alonso's 1998 re-election campaign and returned the cash to Elba Morales, who says she turned it over to Miriam Alonso. Elba Morales also stated that at the time Christine Morales was to file her 1998 federal income taxes in early 1999, Miriam Alonso had agreed to allow Elba Morales to use monies still owed to Alonso by Morales from checks that had been issued to One Stop Enterprises and Vanessa Morales from the "Neighbors of District 12" account to cover Christine Morales's federal tax bill. Because of this, the amount of monies still owed to Miriam Alonso from monies received from the "Neighbors of District 12" account was reduced by an additional $1100, which, coupled with the previous reduction of $1200, amounted to a total reduction of the debt to Alonso of $2300, all of which was to be applied to Christine Morales's taxes. Elba Morales stated she herself wrote a personal check from her account to settle Christine's 1998 federal income taxes, since the funds allocated to Christine's taxes had actually been spent already by Ileana Morales and Vanessa Morales.

Elba Morales stated that she later wrote out a personal check for $500 from her First Union Bank account and cashed it. She advised that she personally handed Miriam Alonso the $500 in U.S. currency to reduce any balance owed to Alonso from checks that had been cashed. Elba Morales also stated that there was $400 from the original $5000 check to Vanessa Morales that she could not show how the currency had been returned to Miriam Alonso.

Although at the time that she cashed the checks and returned cash to Elba Morales, Vanessa Morales was not aware of the purpose of the returned currency, she was later asked to provide false testimony with regards to the events surrounding the three checks. Elba Morales stated that she was instructed by Miriam Alonso to speak to Vanessa Morales and advise her that if she were questioned by police investigators with regards to the checks, then she should state that the checks were received as a result of work performed for Miriam Alonso's anti-recall effort. She was also to state that part of the cash returned to Elba Morales was used to pay expenditures related to the anti-recall effort.


At the time he was subpoenaed to provide testimony in this investigation, according to Benito Filomia, he met with Elba Morales, who instructed him on what his testimony should be. He was instructed by Morales to state that he had been paid a $10,000 fee for his supposed efforts in fighting the recall against former Commissioner Alonso. Elba Morales has stated that she gave these instructions to Filomia after she had received them from Miriam Alonso. According to Elba Morales, Miriam Alonso, in an effort to isolate herself from the criminal investigation, would always have her (Elba Morales) speak to Filomia with regards to providing false testimony about payments he received from the "Neighbors of District 12" fund. Part of the fictitious fee was paid directly to Filomia in a $5000 check to Filomia and the other $5000 was paid to Attorney Benedict Kuehne for having represented Filomia in litigation connected to a residency challenge against City of Sweetwater Commissioner Manuel Marono in early 1999, which was several months before the recall effort was initiated, and was in no way associated with Miriam Alonso's recall. Since then, Mr. Filomia has become a cooperating witness in this investigation and advised the actual course of events as they occurred.

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