Rebel Without a Causeway

A Hollywood backlash -- what's Miami Beach's mayor to do? Shoot the messenger.

This deteriorating vision is further highlighted by the imminent departure of two more key city hall employees who regularly liaise with the entertainment world. Assistant city manager Christina Cuervo -- the Beach's point woman for dealing with the nightclub industry -- announced she's jumping ship to the Herald at this month's end as that paper's new vice president of human resources. (According to one of her colleagues, it's a position that will significantly bump up her current city paycheck of $135,000, as well as give Cuervo a role in the development of the Herald-owned land surrounding downtown's Performing Arts Center.)

And Alexis Edwards, Miami Beach coordinator for the county's Office of Film and Entertainment -- widely lauded for her ability to handle the high-maintenance personalities who often come attached to Hollywood pictures -- had already given her own October notice earlier in the summer. Coupled with the loss of Quinlan, it's a move set to leave the Beach's film office in the hands of the interim director, police Maj. Tom Weschler. The thought of sending a man with a loaded revolverto meet with Hollywood studio reps may be amusing, but it doesn't exactly send an encouraging message.

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