Letters from the Issue of September 5, 2002

More puppy horror stories.

Son, When I Was Your Age...

We smoked dope all day, got laid every night, and really really dug the revolution: So I read John Lombardi's bit on Hunter Thompson and Rolling Stone ("Smiling Through the Apocalypse," August 22). I take serious offense. First off, how can he talk about rock-and-roll journalism with Harris Meyer? I know Harris Meyer, and while rumors of his extensive Kenny G collection are still unconfirmed, it does leave one scratching one's head. But that's not what gets me.

As a young writer I have already abandoned all hope of doing Serious Journalism. That's why I write the fluff I do now. It's good fluff, don't get me wrong, but let's call a spade a spade. All we want is a Lexus ES300? Sheeeit, man. I key Lexii for fun.

The problem is that I cannot think of a single editor in the business now who would let me get away with one-third of what Thompson did. The problem is not a lack of young writers sitting in their cubicles with fire in their bellies and rock and roll in their hearts. The problem is the guys in the offices telling them to turn the music down.

The next time John talks to Doc, he should tell him to put that in his pipe and smoke it. Better yet, he should try some himself. And please don't take offense -- it's not that I want to attack him, it's that I am constantly screaming at Baby Boomers who are convinced of the laziness and apathy of my generation, and it grates me to see that attitude among my fellow New Timers.

Dan Sweeney

Fort Lauderdale

Editor's note: Sweeney is the calendar editor of New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

A Few Good Angry Men

They're from Cuba and they curse Che: John Lombardi wrote a great piece; inspiring actually. There was a time when writers took risks, artistically and with their lives, and it's important to be reminded of that. Though in retrospect, Kennedy vs. Nixon isn't the trope that we used to think it was. The corrupt creepy one was Kennedy. We bought into his shit because of his looks and his youth. How superficial is that? And how Sixties.

Ironic that Lombardi is writing the story from Miami, because there is a new generation of angry youth -- recently arrived from Cuba. But they're angry about the other side of the Sixties, so no one will write about them because they are the contradiction of the Sixties iconography that still has the assassin Che Guevara as one of its principal T-shirt saints.

Alexis Domenech

New York City

Where Did You Go, Sir Gonzo?

Hunter, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you: How I miss Hunter Thompson! Is he still hiding out in Aspen? When is this man going to write something for us to buy? I haven't had such good laughs in a long time. I saw him read at the Miami Book Fair (a long time ago) and could not believe he was still alive and looking so fine.

Thanks for reminding me about someone I enjoy!

Jean Ferris

North Bay Village

Puppy Kingdom Made Me Cry

And I didn't even buy a puppy: I'd like to thank Mike Clary for his story "Puppy Dog Tales" (August 15). Not many new pet owners are familiar with puppy mills and how they mistreat their dogs. A couple of years ago I was helping a friend pick out a dog. It just happened that we were a few blocks from Puppy Kingdom and decided to go in and take a look around. I was well aware of the place's reputation but I was nowhere near ready for what I saw inside.

Immediately after opening the door I noticed the foul odor of urine and wet dog in the enclosed area, but worse was the temperature in the room where they kept and displayed their animals. It was freezing in there! The temperature must have been 65 degrees. Most of the dogs were either shivering and sneezing or huddled together to keep each other warm.

I spoke to one of the employees and I told him I was concerned that the puppies would get sick because of the cold environment. The employee laughed it off and told me they were used to it and would be fine. After making sure I petted all the dogs to give them a little love, I left Puppy Kingdom with tears running down my face and a lot of sadness in my heart. It hurt me to leave there knowing that many of the dogs inside wouldn't make it. I vowed never to go back and to discourage everyone I knew from purchasing a pet there.

I strongly suggest everyone visit the Humane Society and the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter to adopt an animal. The dogs there are just as beautiful but a lot less costly and in much need of love and attention. Many people don't know that these shelters carry many purebred dogs in addition to mixed breeds.

Madelyn Mirabal


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