Wonder Boy?

Nick McDonell, son of Terry, has floored the literary world and caught Hollywood's eye. Now he's ready for college.

"All the clichés are true," McDonell says with a grin of the characters currently "banging on my door with a stick." And while he'd prefer to keep the focus on his book, "not where I'm from, or how good-looking I am," that kind of attention does have its upside -- Giorgio Armani gave him some free shirts to wear.

Still he's not too worried about it all going to his head. For his last meeting on selling Twelve's film rights, he may have felt like an adult when a certain high-powered Los Angeles agent flew out to personally meet with him at the St. Regis Hotel's august bar. But that agent then had to stride out to the sidewalk and escort McDonell inside, past a scowling maitre d'. Buzz-laden author or not, he adds wryly, he's still underage.

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