Summer's Heavy and Light

Two shows take on life from very different perspectives

Effexor 75 by Gabriel Delponte cites the show's title obliquely with exactly 250 little, mostly greenish resin squares, each encasing a drawing, taking up an entire wall. The series works as a broken sequence in a life of pervasive apprehension, triggered by environmental and personal factors. I liked Delponte's drawings (jumpy and nervous, communicating a frantic yet unapproachable quality), but take exception to the obvious: those squares with drug names written on them -- already got it.

Detail of Effexor 75 by Gabriel Delponte
Detail of Effexor 75 by Gabriel Delponte


Photos and video by Elizabeth Cerejido, through October 4 at the office of Arturo Mosquera (Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Fridays till noon), 1245 SW 87th Ave, Westchester; 305-264-3355.

"Effexor" succeeds in following Bruk's summer mission, but some of the tensions expressed here may give others a bit of pause -- that is, if I'm not misguided in embracing Bruk's religion.

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