Drama Cubano

The voices of Cubans, here and from the island, are resounding onstage

Ingeniously this script embraces the didactic and thereby transcends it. El Enano (the dwarf) periodically scrawls on a chalkboard at center stage. He writes: "The distance between desperation and hope equals the distance between the thing and the archetype" and "The difference between life and death in a bottle is less than the possible difference between desperation and hope." These lofty ideas coupled with Trujillo's highly physical performance and Raul Martin's astute direction made for an intense theatrical experience. Trujillo's range of physical and vocal control is impressive -- a highly trained actress, she gives the existential questions of the play substance with her projection and physicality. Again, La Ma Teodora has produced a work that is as metaphysical as it is metaphorical. La Magagna's run of El Enano has ended, but there's a possibility the show will reopen in Little Havana's Tower Theatre.

The Cuban American Repertory Theatre takes a realist approach to our Cuban history
The Cuban American Repertory Theatre takes a realist approach to our Cuban history


Written by Rogelio Martinez; directed by John Rodaz. With Jennifer de Castroverde, Ramon Gonzalez-Cuevas, Oscar Isaac, Gonzalo Madurga, and Ricky J. Martinez. Presented through August 25 by the Cuban American Repertory Theatre at Miami Light Projectís Light Box, 3000 Biscayne Blvd; 305-666-8231. El Enano en la Botella Written by Abilio Estevez; directed by Raul Martin. Call La Magagna at 305-262-3600 for future shows.

At the Miami Light Project, the curtain lowers. At La Magagna, the lights dim. One realizes that not only are different generations of Cuban exiles speaking in different languages and idioms but also that a plethora of voices is being heard from both sides of the Florida Straits -- all here in Miami. If Cuban Americans are exiles of Cuba, artistically and emotionally, Cubans on the island are exiles of Miami. These works celebrate the range of theatrical possibilities that any issue carries. It is also a reminder that in any part of the world, freedom of expression is only as vital as the people who take advantage of it.

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