Letters from the Issue of July 25, 2002

Why is "airport security" such a maddeningly frustrating oxymoron?

Ileana Oroza
Miami Beach

Editor's note: Ileana Oroza, a professor at University of Miami's School of Communication, is a former Miami Herald managing editor.

Open Your Suitcase, Please

Now look the other way and count to 30: Airport officials are worried about small knives and scissors when they should be more worried about their own employees. My sister just took a flight from Miami International Airport to Tallahassee. At the baggage checkpoint someone stole all her gold jewelry and some new clothes. Total value: about a thousand dollars.

After robbing her, you'd better believe they didn't try searching her carry-on luggage. That simply would not have been proper.

Ximena Johnson
Miami Shores

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