Letters from the Issue of July 11, 2002

"Sex is everywhere and sex sells, but to show that graphic photo on the cover of a free publication is despicable."

As Billy so eloquently toasted our court victory: "There are true friends and there are sham friends. May your true friends drink champagne, and your sham friends know real pain." Billy knows the value of true friendship. I wish him the best in his effort to bring vitality to an important component of our fine city.

Benedict P. Kuehne


Lay Off

We couldn't all be that bad: I would like to know why New Times pinpoints negative information about African-American men in the South Florida community and prints it. I noticed the articles about Luther Campbell, Billy Hardemon, Leroy Jones, and former commissioner Derrick Miller. We as a collective body of human beings would highly appreciate some positive news on African-American men in Miami and the surrounding area. I am one and I get frustrated by all of the contrary coverage. We have some brothers that are doing the right thing. Although I understand that hype and garbage sells, do, please, give them some justice. I read the paper weekly because there are some interesting issues to learn about, but the time is due to show that some of the brothers are purely legit, and made it out from the hood. How about the principal at Drew Elementary School -- surely there are many more stories out there. I am looking forward to seeing a more positive and balanced coverage.

NJ Gilbert


Preserve and Respect

And stop tearing down the house: I hope the article "A Tree, a House, a Sign" by Jeff Stratton on July 4 reminds the local citizenry that the efforts of Colleen Martin and others to protect homes, buildings, and trees are indeed what has made Miami Beach a magical place to call home, and a home for an influx of new residents often unaware of what many people have endured to preserve this special place. Three cheers for Martin and her efforts. Thanks to New Times for showing long-time residents, as well as newcomers, that Miami Beach is still a community where people stand up for what is right.

John F. Garren

Miami Beach

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