Bleeding Stierheim

"Business whiz" Joe Arriola turns and bites the education hand that appointed him

Stierheim says he forced the issue of a two-year contract because he acknowledges the district is rife with problems. He needs time and the security of a long contract to fix it right. "If you want to talk about maintenance and construction, there's no question we have problems there, and I'm working on that," he asserts. "I lost four or five months here with Arriola. What was accomplished?"

Ed London verbally shrugs. "I guess being a bunch of businessmen on the [oversight] board, we want to get this done quickly," he says. "We're not happy with the pace things are moving at. I think we shouldn't be very critical of Merrett now that he has his contract, and let's see how he performs. Hopefully he can attract good executives who can help him run the system more efficiently than before."

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