Letters from the Issue of June 20, 2002

What, is everybody's brother gay?

Emiliano Antunez


Right Off the Map

Wait, one group at least has gone missing: I've noticed that the Christian Coalition has not been as prominent in the news of late. Dare we hope that these holy men have finally realized that discrimination in any form cannot be "Christ-like"? I remember well the last go-around with Anita Bryant and how the politicians caved. Today there is much support from the political arena so I am counting on our "leaders" to vote accordingly on the ballot.

Ellie Monnette


Have a Heart

But leave my purse alone! Thanks for that very serious yet hysterical article on the general plight of the homeless here on Miami Beach ("The Heart Goes For A Haircut," John Lombardi, June 13). It explained the missing personal items from my car when I valet parked it. It explained how my date's purse mysteriously vanished as we were making out one dark night near the water's edge; it was not more than three feet away, yet they got it. I guess many of them, in lieu of finding a new job once retired from our military's special ops units, stay busy in this new profession.

Finally it highlighted that our fine "men in blue" have got a complex and dangerous job rounding up these homeless criminals -- as opposed to the other crime-busting positions on the Beach like corralling dangerous and irresponsible residents going 38 in a 30-mile zone up on Alton Road. Whew. Good to know they are out bustin' their asses and crime for us. And too funny the part about the all-brawn no-brain Officer Steroid and his appearance: "the wrap sunglasses sutured to his buzzcut -- the one they call Rambo."

I wish I had a constructive suggestion regarding the homeless problem other than collecting and shipping them to an island in the Bahamas where they could enjoy the same warm lifestyle without harassing the rest of us. But with all of our insightful and compassionate public officials doing so much to alleviate this problem, I stand with the rest of us -- having to just tolerate it.

Emmett Skala

Miami Beach

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