A list to nominate members for Miami's new Civilian Investigative Panel comes together in typical Magic City fashion

And while we're on the subject, who has the right to keep Coconut Grove music-biz entrepreneur Pan Courtelis or former Pan American Airways president Martin Shugrue from receiving CIP application forms so that they can fill them out from heaven? (Courtelis departed this world last June; Shugrue died at his Houston home in 1999.) If dead people can vote -- as they did in the 1997 mayoral race -- why can't they investigate police misconduct?

Who is to say? The CIP Nominating Committee, that's who. For starters, the CIP ordinance bars anyone with a felony record from serving on the panel. "This list is defective," nominating committee member Paul Phillip pronounced at the May 21 meeting, looking annoyed. Detecting a potential public relations nightmare, the chief of staff for the superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools (and ex-FBI agent) proposed advertising CIP positions just as the city advertises any opening. That is, via several local print media outlets. Criminal trial lawyer Jack Blumenfeld, another committee member, also had qualms even if the city officials had vetted the list of the dead, the felonious, the out-of-towners, and the trappings of quasi-literacy. "I think it's impossible to do a list that's not going to be arbitrary," he surmised. No one openly disagreed. Out went the list. The CIP Nominating Committee had dodged the bullets of bias and cronyism, as well as a dire need for an editor. (The nominating committee will meet again July 9 to decide what questions they will ask when they interview applicants.)

To be sure, many of the chosen ones are probably upstanding citizens who would investigate cop cases diligently and apply the CIP's subpoena power wisely. But even this alternative weekly noticed that a full one fourth of the addresses for the city's prospective candidates were outside the City of Miami. Mysteriously, dozens were listed as Miami addresses even though they fell far outside the city's boundaries. While only a couple have left this world, a variety of others departed long ago from the addresses city staffers still think they're at. (For example, the list includes Martin Luther King Economic Development Corp. director Anna Ward, but she was fired from that position in 1996.)

Mark Poutenis

Although the list of 420 is now officially moot in the CIP process, it is sure to retain currency in other spheres of city government. The city clerk's office has it readied for firing onto address labels. So, if you're not on this A-list and want to be, you need to get busy. You're either not plugged in with city staff, not loud enough, or both. The raw, unadulterated document follows; spellings are city staff's.

Prospective CIP Nominees, as prepared by the City of Miami's Office of Professional Compliance

Natoma Manors Homeowners Assoc.

Tony Asbury, President

P.O. Box 331757

Miami, Florida 33133

Wynwood Homeowners Assoc.

Dorothy Quintan

263 NW 34th Street

Miami, Florida

Edgewater Economic Development

Juan Jane

2697 Biscayne Blvd

Miami, Florida 33137

Tigertail Homeowners Assoc.

Kitty Terr, President

1896 Tigertail Avenue

Miami, Florida 33133

Chairman of Empowerment Zone Agency

Emilio Lopez

3601 Federal Hwy

Miami, Fl 33137

Jim Wilson

440 NE 34th Street

Miami, Florida 33137

Cliff Hammock Homeowners Assoc.

Alana L. Grajewskik President

2838 Brickell Avenue

Miami, Florida 33133

Father Menendez

3220 NW 7th Avenue

Miami, Florida

Citizens Advisory Board

Nora Smith

2902 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, Florida

Coconut Grove Civic Club

Frank Balzebre, President

3925 Park Drive

Miami, Florida 33133

Citizens Advisory Board

Ivett Velez

2902 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, Florida

Leo Foundation

301 NW 36th Street

Miami, Florida 33127

Wynwood Homeowners Assoc.

Denise A. Lebron

400 NW 34th Street

Miami, Florida

Fabio Nick

2601 NW 24th Street

Miami, Florida

Wynwood Homeowners Assoc.

Nick Alvarez

3505 NW 5th Avenue

Miami, Florida

Coconut Grove Village Council

Michael Spetko, chairman

600 Brickell Avenue

Suite 603

Miami, Florida 33131

Wynwood Homeowners Assoc.

Osvaldo Aquila

507 NW 35th Street

Miami, Florida

Wynwood Homeowners Assoc.

Luis Perdono

153 NW 31st Street

Miami, Florida

Abitari Homeowners Assoc.

Barbara Lange, President

3495 Main Highway

Miami, Florida 33133

Rafael Hernandez Housing Economic Dev.

Henry Mojica, Exec. Director

2902 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, Florida

Annette Eisenbergn

1180 NE 86th Street

Miami, Florida

Bay Heights Homeowners Assoc.

Murray Marcus, President

29 Shore Drive West

Miami, Florida 33133

AIA Employment of Miami

Veldrin Freemon

3050 Biscayne Blvd, #101

Miami, Florida

Victor Ballesta

500 NW 24th Street

Miami, Florida

Center Grove Neighborhood Assoc.

Marc Sarnoff, President

3197 Virginia Street

Miami, Florida 33133

Downtown Development Authority

Patricia Allen

200 S. Biscayne Boulevard #1818

Miami, Florida 33131

Downtown Miami Partnership

Jeff Sherman, Chairman

25 SE 2nd Avenue #1007

Miami, Florida 33131

Donald Sweetbaum


Miami, Florida 33133

Brickell Area Association

Brian Gale, President

600 Brickell Avenue, Ste. 800

Miami, Florida 33131

Brickell Homeowners Association

T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacob, President

145 SE 25 Road #1002

Miami, Florida 33129

Kardy Real Estate

Mr. William Keroy Jr.

2831 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Grant Thornton

Ms. Shelby Stein

777 Brickell Ave., Ste. 1200

Miami, Florida 33131sd

Miami-Dade Community College

Ms. Maggie Aleman

300 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami, Florida 33132

Coconut Grove Bank

Mr. William L. Sutton

2701 S. Bayshore Drive

Miami, Florida 33133

Dade Herittage Trust (SIC)

Ms. Becky Roper

190 SE 12th Terrace

Miami, Florida 33131

Taylor Development & Land Co.

Mr. Harvey S. Taylor

12000 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami, Florida

Wimbish-Riteway Realtor

Carolyn Rosen Miller

3903 Alton Road

Miami Beach, Florida

American Airlines, Inc.

Mr. Arthur J. Torro

MIA- P.O. Box 997880

Miami, Florida 33299-7990

J. Milton & Associates

Mr. Joseph Milton

3211 Ponce de Leon Blvd Ste. 301

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