Letters from the Issue of June 13, 2002

People don't go sifting through your luggage in Oregon!

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You Say Tomato, I Say Boring

All right! Something fresh from the food department: Intense review by Pamela Robin Brandt of Red Thai Room ("My Kind of Thai," May 30). Nice to see how our local ethnic establishments rate versus the real McCoy of their homelands. Quite a change from the tired critique in the form of, "Well, I had the steak, which was cooked properly. But the chicken with sun-dried tomatoes was dry, and you still can't find parking." I guess the last call before "kudos to you" is to dine alfresco at this new joint and see how the grub is for myself!

Jeremy P. Clauser


Love That Flapjack Humor

Waiter, there's a spy into my pancakes: Just dropping a note of thanks to Lee Klein for his wonderful column, and especially for his "Second Annual Flapjack Flip-off" of May 23. My pet peeve is also over real maple syrup and real butter -- and the lack thereof. He hit the nail on the head! I can't recall the last time I had such a good time reading and laughed so hard! His critique and humor are great. Keep writing 'cause I'm out here reading, eating, and laughing.

Beatriz Reyes

Coral Gables

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