Letters from the Issue of May 30, 2002

Best of this, best of that

Rob Boyte

Miami Beach

Best offer we'll hold you to: I wanted to thank you for the Best Local Writer distinction this year, for the second time no less. I am honored and flattered by your kind words. I'll be sure to send along a copy of The Mastery Impulse when it is available -- the publisher tells me it will be out this fall.

Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Coral Gables

Best thank-you in any language: Deseo darte las gracias a ti y al New Times por la alegría tan grande que me dieron al verme elegida como la mejor bartender (Best Bartender). Esto ha sido tan emocionante para mi como para un actor ganarse un Oscar.

Gracias de nuevo por esta motivacion que me ayuda dia a dia a seguir dando lo mejor de mi misma.

No se olviden que las luces van a seguir encendidas.

Maria Lara

The Rooftop Lounge

Howard Johnson Hotel-Bayshore

Miami Beach

Best fan's notes: Regarding the pick for Best Club DJ in "Best of Miami," New Times definitely got it right this time! Another classy article on Edgar V. Written very well. Edgar deserves this big time.

Michelle Montesano


Best radio rocker: Our most heartfelt thanks for the prestigious honor of Best Rock Radio Program in "Best of Miami." This is a very important milestone in our career.

Kike Posada

¡Boom! Radio

WKAT-AM (1360 Radio Uno)

Best annual (rhymes with rich): Well, it's difficult for me to be upset that you guys chose Elaine Lancaster again as Best Drag Queen. After all, she is a good friend of mine. But wasn't she Best Drag Queen once before? It's okay, though, because I will have my revenge. You see, I come from the John Waters school of filthiness, and I plan on rounding up every red New Times box on Miami Beach that isn't nailed down, and I plan on painting them and hand-decorating them, and then giving them to friends as TV stands for Christmas.

I'm a thief, a shitkicker, and I wanna be famous!

Shelley Novak (Tommy Strangie)

Miami Beach

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