Letters from the Issue of May 9, 2002

It's classics vs. jazz on public radio

The Cuba embargo was established when Fidel Castro, at the beginning of the revolution, arbitrarily and against all international laws expropriated the legally acquired properties of American citizens and corporations, worth millions of dollars. While Castro was milking the Russians for millions of rubles, he laughed at the embargo and said he didn't give a damn about it.

Now bankrupt, sick, and owing billions of dollars to almost every country in the world, Castro puts his only hope for remaining in power in his ability to obtain credits from American financial institutions -- millions of dollars that ultimately will be paid by U.S. taxpayers since Castro never pays his debts. Castro could have the embargo lifted if he would allow freedom of expression, free all political prisoners, hold open elections, and allow all Cubans to travel freely. But being blinded by his own thirst for power, he will not do those things. Ending the embargo would be a great disservice to the Cuban people, for it would keep the tyranny alive for many years.

If my memory does not betray me, I once voted for Ms. Alliegro. Now I think we are better off that she did not get elected. I tell you, Ms. Alliegro, your uncle Alfredo, along with Francisco Aruca, Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, and others are very, very lucky they are not Palestinians defending Ariel Sharon in Palestine, or Jews defending Yasser Arafat in Israel. They are lucky they are Cubans, or should I say ex-Cubans, lobbying to obtain bank credits for Fidel, and doing so among Cuban exiles, who happen to be very much against violence and vengeance.

Adolfo Costa

Speaking of Misguided Cubans

Can we please just give it a rest? As if South Florida needs more news about Cuba and the exile issue! New Times has joined the Miami Herald as a puppet paper. The Cubans have had their fifteen minutes of fame. It's sad that in this country senior citizens can't afford medication but we still have Radio and TV Martí. What a joke.

There are plenty of Cubans in Tampa, but the papers there don't rehash the same issues. What other city would give up the Grammys for a small group of people who can't liberate their own minds?

Come on, New Times, let's all say it together now: ¡Cuba sí, Castro no!

Ralph Tatum

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