Hot Hot Hot, Again

Maxim on Miami: "the greatest city on earth," where we dine under and with the stars, warts and all

As for New York magazine's report, it's not all as rosy as Rosie's. Rather than highlight a few of the region's best and brightest, author Sarah Bernard disses the scene at Nobu and the Shore Club, where "the more we wanted to shut out the world and talk to each other, the more attention we attracted.... Waiters wouldn't leave us alone; neither would neighboring diners who wanted to try our sake." Tip to Bernard: You're probably the only one who ever got solicitous service on the Beach and complained about it. For future reference, however, be advised that no one, but no one, comes to stay at a resort property on South Beach, bankrupt or not, to shut out the world. We are the world.

Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton

And speaking of bankruptcy, there's a rumor afloat that Chris Blackwell's Island Outpost, which owns the Marlin and Tides hotels, among others, has written a new chapter for its decade-long book about the Beach. Numerous sources have told me they have been formally informed by superiors that the company has filed for bankruptcy. Vice President Wendy Hart says it's ab-solutely not true, that Island Outpost is "alive and well," and quite frankly I can't find any documentation to support the whispers. So I err on the side of hope: nothing but love for Blackwell, another of those brave pioneers (remember Shabeen?) who engineered South Beach to its current status. If these are April showers, I can't wait to see the May flowers.

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