Method Men

The Crystal Method's Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland don't need any help onstage

And since it's worked so well for them in the past, they're going out as a duo once again on a 55-date U.S. tour to promote the new album, playing as much as they can live onstage and tweaking the mixes as they go. Were they not tempted to assemble a band?

"You know, I don't think we'll ever do that," says Jordan, acknowledging that other electronic artists, such as BT, have used that strategy to great success. "If Tom Morello wants to come out and play guitar on a track, or any of the people who actually worked on the album, we would do that. But we are the sounds we make, and I think it would be a poor representation to try to have a drummer or a bassist or anybody else try to re-create our sounds."

Adds Kirkland: "We could make it easy on ourselves and just play to a DAT or play records or whatever, but that's not really our thing either. We like to go out there and play. You know, there are a lot of tours out there this summer, and if somebody's willing to spend fifteen or twenty bucks to come and see us, then we should definitely give them a show, and not just stand up there behind a pair of decks and smile."

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland keep on tweaking
Katrina Dickson
Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland keep on tweaking


Performs at the Molson Chiller Beach Party, 1:00 to 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 27. Tickets cost $20. Call 305-358-5885
11th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Clearly the excitement hasn't worn off yet for these consummate road rats and studio perfectionists. But when it does, what next? Film scoring, à la BT, who provided the soundtrack for last summer's The Fast and the Furious?

"We'd love to score a movie, but we'd never get it done," explains Jordan with a chuckle. "You're given the movie something like six weeks before release, and you know, we're lucky if we get one track done in six weeks."

So no big-shot Hollywood directors or starlets dropping by their La Crescenta studio and threatening their sleepy existence anytime soon. "No way -- our landlady would go crazy," laughs Kirkland. "She came right over one time after she'd read the Pamela Anderson TV Guide issue where she talks about her husband Tommy Lee working with the Crystal Method, and she's like, “Isn't your band called the Crystal Method?' and we're like, “Er, er, maybe.' We can't have her thinking we're in here partying with Pamela and Tommy."

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