Back at the Burner

Two culinary heavies re-enter the scene with mixed results

Service was another difficulty. The waitress we had at Kaiyó was surly and lazy to the point of dog-day-afternoon status. She was so rude we didn't want to add to her check total by ordering another bottle of wine or dessert, something we'd come prepared to do. In fact our entire experience at Kaiyó seemed so out of character for a chef-proprietor of Sieber's talent that we asked if she was on the premises. Unfortunately, the answer was yes.

Jeremy Eaton

I didn't have time or, to be honest, the desire to make another attempt at Kaiyó. Which is why I was delighted to see her set up a booth at the Bali Hai event at the Kampong last week. I may not have had a sterling meal at Kaiyó, but at least Sieber seems intent on re-entering culinary society. A few tweaks of the menu and some very much-needed staff changes, and maybe she'll regain her chops. Otherwise the welcome of her homecoming looks just a little less than certain.

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