Letters from the Issue of April 11, 2002

Photos from Cuba, radio to Cuba

Have American politicians, both in state and out-of-state, become such "groupies" of political action committees that they can ignore with impunity their social and ethical responsibilities? Indeed as José Martí observed in 1873: "If tyranny's freedom is dreadful, freedom's tyranny is repulsive, terrifying, and frightening."

Sy Pollock

Miami Beach

Free to Be as Dismissive as She Wants

An ignorant, manipulated reporter is a dangerous thing: After having read Kathy Glasgow's scathing article about Radio and TV Martí, I wish she could spend a few years in Castro's Cuba -- not as a tourist -- where she might learn the meaning of the freedom of speech she so carelessly dismisses. The Martí stations bring a great deal of hope to the people of Cuba, and Ms. Glasgow is perilously playing with their only venue of fair and balanced news by her ignorance and misinformation concerning the Office of Cuba Broadcasting.

What the public heard from Ms. Glasgow is nothing more than the secondhand account of sour grapes on the part of some employees. She has obviously and sadly been used by a few disgruntled and incompetent employees who lost their positions of authority (finally!) after having enjoyed privileges and power unearned by their skills or experience. Salvador Lew has begun to put an end to these abuses of power. We at Martí welcome such changes and look forward to the day when serious journalists will take a serious look at what we do and the reasons we do it. (I am a contract worker for Radio Martí and proud of it.)

May I add that I found totally un-American and distasteful her discriminatory remarks concerning the age of some of our supervisors. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to learn from the valuable experience of some of these gentlemen journalists who lived through the recent history of Cuba, and we treasure these people. I challenge Ms. Glasgow to come to Radio Martí and speak with the other employees who give a hoot about what's going on here!

Virginia Alonso


Problem Solved Pronto!

Radio Martí, an Estefan Enterprises production: If Radio and TV Martí are so necessary and successful, then go talk to Emilio Estefan and other rich Cuban exiles and ask them to finance the stations. That way they would answer to no one but themselves. Controversy over.

Steve Gonzales

Miami Beach

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