Buns in the Ovens

A chef's life leaves little room for baby

Jeremy Eaton

Obviously Curto-Randazzo will be able to negotiate her own leave, especially since Frank Randazzo thinks that "the whole being-a-father kind of thing is cool. We'll be busy as heck with it, but I feel really great about it." She does feel guilty. "I would do anything to feel better. I'm not my regular self; I'm not Frank's equal partner. We have parties to cater and I can't help him as much." But Curto-Randazzo is trying to look at the positives. "Being a chef, I've never had fingernails before. But now my nails are growing," she enthuses. And in the end, she's going to go with the age-old wisdom that got all us food-oriented females into this mess in the first place: "I'll let my body tell me what to do."

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