Letters to the Editor

From the Issue of February 21, 2002

Ever since Ms. Delgado began writing for New Times she has been consistent in supporting only the Hispanic community in Miami. What about our large Haitian community, which has excelled in the hip-hop scene? What about our large Jewish, European, and other foreign communities? They like music too, you know. What about rock bands and young non-Latin pop wannabes? They exist too. And what about the nightlife in Miami? It's still the best in the world.

I want New Times to get back to its roots and publish articles that accurately represent our multicultural city and do so in a fair manner. Ms. Delgado seems to have forgotten that Miami is not 100 percent Latin and that every story has at least two sides. I wonder if she has ever been to a classic-rock or rap concert? If she has, she certainly doesn't write about it.

James R. Mann

He'll Drink to That

Rebecca, lemme buy yous one lash cocktail, yesh? Congratulations to Rebecca Wakefield for her insightful and intuitive look at the venerable 1800 Club ("Farewell, My Lovely 1800," January 17). If you ever experienced the unique, local potpourri of humanity who claimed part-time residence at the 1800, I'm sure you would agree that Rebecca's piece captured the essence of the history, flavor, and personality of a truly great local joint. Please pass along a "job well done" from one of the 1800's many cultural veterans.

I look forward to many more local color pieces.

Bob Waldhuber

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