Letters from the Issue of December 20, 2001

The Sunny Side of the Bleat: C'mon, guys, put on a happy face!

It is just a different way of working. And I can tell you firsthand, a positive outlook works well. I concur that revenues are down, but so are revenues in the entire country. Therefore I have chosen to be proactive and support my production community and many friends in the business with a positive spin on South Beach whenever I can!

Regarding the meetings between city officials and representatives of the Beach's modeling agencies that generated "few tangible results," my partner and I found them to be a great opportunity to shake hands with our competitors and talk about the health of the industry. After the series of meetings, we found lines of communication open among former adversaries. We applaud city officials in their proactive approach to industry needs. We also know that there is no quick fix, but we're talking about tangible solutions, and that too is a good thing.

So, Brett and Ray, why don't we get together and toast the beauty of Miami Beach, with its beautiful locations and talented production teams. We'll toast with glasses that are half full!

Tammy Green
The Green Agency
South Beach

Momma's Boys
They won't be going home anytime soon: I have enjoyed New Times's fine investigative journalism for some time, but Kirk Nielsen is a shoe-in for a Pulitzer Prize based on his November 22 article "Mother Knows Best." I sleep much better at night knowing that the locally convicted Cuban spies have "a lot of nice friendships" in prison.

I can't believe Magaly Llort's son was "unable to contact her by phone or mail until two and a half years after his arrest." Surely this qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. Something about these spy moms complaining that their sons didn't get a fair trial rings true. I mean, isn't it obvious to everyone that only justice Fidel-style is truly blind?

Llort said her son and his chums "wouldn't be capable of committing a [harmful] act against anybody, including the North American people." Thank God we got that all sorted out. Now we can send these innocent men home to their commie mommies.


Henry Gomez

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