Stocking Duffers

Gift ideas to help you out of that Christmas pickle

Supermarket print: Artist Ben Shahn created this framed, hand-colored serigraph of seven shopping carts, drawn with the complexity and colored with the jeweled intensity of stained glass windows. For the sap who really believes the Publix slogan, "Where shopping is a pleasure." (, $85)

Jeremy Eaton

Vegetable extravaganza: We won't get into that age-old argument over whether the tomato is a vegetable or a fruit. 'Cause here it's a playhouse. Just as the carrot is a slide, the eggplant is a seesaw, and the pumpkin is a sandbox built for two. This playground is a garden of Eden for the young'uns who would rather play with their vegetables than eat them. (, $465 for four pieces).

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