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Gay-bashers, gangbangers, and Peruvian libido

"But we still got a couple thousand votes," giggles Stuka. Lo Mejor de los Violadores, already released in Argentina, makes available songs that were no longer available but still feel relevant to Argentine youth. "The youngest still feel the repression," he explains. "It's just now it's an economic repression. They understand the lyrics, adapt them, and find their own way to rebel. Unfortunately what we said then still applies."

And still applies throughout South America, as Los Violadores' popularity in Peru proves. "Peru was one of the first places we were accepted outside Argentina," observes Pil, who spends much of his time in that nation with his Peruvian wife. "When we first started touring there, we were practically the only band with rock roots," recalls Stuka. The Peruvian scene has changed a great deal since then, as Andean rock darlings Libido will show when they return to Miami after a year's absence to play a benefit at La Covacha for the International Rescue Committee, an organization dedicated to helping resettle refugees across the world, from Bosnia and Burma to Colombia and Rwanda.

Libido brings pure rock from Peru
Libido brings pure rock from Peru


Performs with Carmelos de Cianuro, Volumen Cero, Don Pepe, Locos por Juana, Estación Local, and Soniko at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 8. Tickets cost $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Call 305-594-3717 or 305-772-3357.
La Covacha, 10730 NW 25th St.

As the name suggests, Libido aspires to rock stardom without irony or reservations. "We try to play the music that we like," says drummer Jeffry Fischman by phone from Lima. Apparently they like jangly retro guitars, heavy tom, teasing cymbals, rumbling bass lines, and lyrics lightly touched with angst. "There's no fusion; it's pure rock in the style of Heroes del Silencio or Soda Stereo." Rock fans in the United States will be able to judge for themselves now that Libido's first release is being distributed by DLN. (Who isn't DLN distributing?) Hembra, the followup wildly popular in Peru, is still only available as an import, so catch the group while you can at La Covacha.

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