Fear of Frying at MIA

If you are looking for something tasty at MIA, better bring it with you.

Concourse F contains a second Café Versailles and Pizza Strada that straddle a Café Sbarro. Literally translated the word sbarro means "place to eat Italian food when there are absolutely no alternatives." MIA fits that bill, and, indeed, the pizza here is far superior to any other at the airport; at $2.69 per slice it's also the cheapest. Their baked ziti, mushroom chicken, and other steam-table meals appeared appetizing as well. You know you're in a culinary wasteland when Sbarro starts looking good.

If you're departing from Miami's airport and favor Cuban food, sushi, cinnamon buns, or Burger King, head to concourses D through F and make do. Everyone else had better bring a lunchbox with them: No matter how bad the airport food is, it's only going to get worse once you're in flight.


Miami International Airport

Unless, of course, you're heading west with a stopover in Houston.

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