The $400 Million Santa

For 30 days Steve Shiver wasn't sleazy or overtly unethical. A personal record for the county manager.

The most disturbing aspect of Shiver's country-bumpkin e-mails aren't the misspellings and run-on sentences but the fact that he doesn't ask anyone to proofread his memos before he sends them out. It shows an inability to recognize his own weaknesses and is indicative of a brand of arrogance that is extremely dangerous.

Shiver has survived within county hall because Merrett Stierheim left behind a talented team of assistant county managers who perform the actual day-to-day work of the government. They acted as a safety net for Shiver. Slowly, however, these people are beginning to leave. Unwilling to work in the environment of sleaze that Shiver has established on the 29th floor, they are looking for new jobs in other cities.

Perhaps they didn't get his e-mail about Miami being a great place to recreate. Then again, maybe they did.

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