Miami Kid Makes Good

Brett Ratner to direct The Silence of the Lambs prequel, The Red Dragon.

"What “undermining things'?" Riptide asked.

"About the cheapness of the flag issue, the way those black firemen dishonor the flag! About the TV networks repeating what the president wants them to say! Is not true!"

"You feel the networks did a lot of independent analysis before labeling their coverage 'America at War,' and all?" I asked.

"Is not the point! You mustn't mock your national heroes in trouble times! In WWII, it would not have been tolerated!!" Riptide pointed out that in WWII, TV wouldn't have been tolerated, and that in any case, there weren't any TVs; also, that Roosevelt and Truman might have seen "controlling the message" as intolerable "freedom of the press" propaganda. "Your paper should be closed!" Salif hollered, snapping his fingers for his check. "You don't hefen understand what means “press freedom'! I, an Arab, know better than you!" Our waiter shook his head in silent solidarity.

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