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Wherein the author learns that Arturo Sandoval is not a trumpeter, old is young, and tsetse flies don't bite

To avert a postmodern tailspin as I drove away from Bayfront Park, I slipped the debut from Circo -- a Puerto Rican-Brit-pop group I'll call Bori-pop -- into my CD player. The lush keyboards, pedal-softened guitars, and serene vocals on no todo lo que es pop es bueno (all that is pop is not good) soothed my hopped-up soul. Think the Cure, Depeche Mode, and the Psychedelic Furs vacation on the Isle of Enchantment and listen to a boombox loaded with Hector Lavoe and drum and bass. After a month of shows in Los Angeles for ever-bigger audiences, Circo was in town to promote all that is pop. They did the obligatory Spanish-language shows and press interviews, but booked no gigs here, they say, "because Miami has a reputation for not supporting Latin alternative." Our loss.

Lucky for us Mexican arena-rock gods Jaguares will play Miami at the Colony! That's right, the band the Rolling Stones opened for in Mexico City will be up close and personal for those few fans in touch with what the masses in the rest of the hemisphere go crazy for. (See "Catch It Live.")

Aztec rock gods Jaguares, Saturday at the Colony Theater
Aztec rock gods Jaguares, Saturday at the Colony Theater
This is not a trumpet: Arturo Sandoval masters the piano
Bill Cooke
This is not a trumpet: Arturo Sandoval masters the piano


11:00 p.m. on Friday, November 30, No cover. Call 305-476-1101. Jaguares perform at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 1, at the Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach. Tickets range from $15 to $40. Call 305-358-5885.
Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave.

But then, plenty of bands play Miami regularly with virtually no support at all. Catch a slew of them at the Bored Shitless Fest, hosted by venerable noisemaker Rat Bastard and featuring such other outside popsters as Boise Bob, Xela Zaid, and Humbert. As always, and best of all, each band is limited to a fifteen-minute set. It may not be fifteen minutes of fame, but at least it's only fifteen minutes. Be sure to have a copy of all that is pop is not good for the ride home.

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