Letters to the Editor

From the issue of October 25, 2001

Finally we urge the public to contact their state representatives and encourage them to support the Citizens Rights to Honest Government Act.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle
State Attorney
Miami-Dade County

Forget Reach, How About Grasp?
Speaking of Katherine Fernandez Rundle: Jim DeFede's "The Alonso Shell Game" is interesting and, I suspect, correct. Unfortunately, like all New Times's other articles about public corruption, no justice will come from this information. Witness DeFede's recounting how former Miami City Commissioner Victor De Yurre allegedly diverted campaign funds to pay his IRS taxes.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle may start one of her famous investigations but there it will remain until it's forgotten. That's the Miami way! We'd like to be considered a world-class city, but in reality we're just another Third World banana republic. Such a shame.

Dick Doster

What's Truth Got to Do with It?
Art is a mirror, not a lens: Truth? What is this idea of Alfredo Triff's that art should be a reflection of truth, enlightening and thought-provoking ("Let Us Only Entertain You," September 27)? Is not art just a reflection of society, a sort of visual cultural history? Perhaps as "conduits" of our time, contemporary artists are merely demonstrating that the lease on the "artist as the collective-consciousness genius bringing truth to the darkened minds of the masses" idea is up, done, finito.

This notion of the artist as enlightened genius comes from the Renaissance. Surrealists reinforced the idea, along with the Abstract Expressionists, in attempting to reach mankind's collective (and pure) consciousness. But today it's like an artist friend of mine said: "Art isn't moral or anything else. Art is just art."

Maybe the question isn't what art should do but rather how is art reflecting a society gone numb. In compulsively pursuing pop culture and commercialism, contemporary society simply strives to fill the void with pleasure via entertainment. The real question isn't what art should or shouldn't do but what is the void driving endless streams of noisy entertainment.

Mertz Kan

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