Letters to the Editor

From the issue of October 18, 2001

She blames her husband's words for her sons' lack of respect toward her? I think that may be an influence, but it sounds like her own actions are doing a great job. She should leave him for good, but she obviously loves the drama. Her self-esteem is so pitiful that this sort of attention is what she craves.

What was the point of the article? A slice of degenerate female Argentine life in the U.S.? Dysfunction isn't entertaining, amusing, or enlightening, and this depiction of it was boring as hell. Isn't there enough going on to write about that our time shouldn't be wasted (nor the ink and paper) on such insignificance and negativity?

Jorge Perez

Another Man's Angry Opinion
La Flaca is offensive -- period : Not only was the cover photograph of Silvina offensive to me -- especially after learning about her unfortunate last few years -- it was also offensive for her children. My first reaction to the photo was to assume that Silvina works at a cabaret club or is a prostitute from Argentina. I was further offended to see the other photos inside the paper showing Silvina as a slut instead of showing her as what she is: a hard-working single parent.

I was also offended by Lissette Corsa neglecting to include white-collar Argentine workers and Argentine companies that have opened offices in Miami and hired local employees. A more detailed investigation, including other interview subjects, would have been more fair. I hope in the future you improve the information you bring to your readers. It is only fair for Miami's diverse community.

Fernando Rodriguez
Miami Beach

One Woman's Informed Opinion
La Flaca's story was impeccable: Congratulations to Lissette Corsa on a very well-written article about Argentine idiosyncrasies, individualism, and personalities. Her decision to introduce Silvina's life, husband, and lovers to describe these people in what is now called Little Buenos Aires was impeccable and on-target.

Sonia Gómez-Paratcha
Fort Lauderdale

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