Long Play

At Tuesday Morning Records, musicians answer only to themselves

The preservation of these brilliant electronic pieces on CD is quite limited. True to Tuesday Morning's ephemeral business sense, Rippe won't be bothered with keeping them in print too long. "I'm pretty sure I'll keep it a limited edition," he says. "Once they're gone, they're gone. I'm going to put out 100, and then we'll see."

Rippe is already at work on his next release, putting the final touches on a live CD recorded during SubSound 2001, a local live electronica showcase that took place last month. It will be the first solo album that Rippe releases under the name R.H. Rippe rather than some moniker. "Truthfully I feel comfortable where I'm at creatively," Rippe explains. "The output is a lot more personal, so I felt the change would be appropriate."

Though he and Viscount were still deliberating on the design of the CD's new packaging at press time, Rippe hopes to have it ready for release to the public at his performance this Friday. He also hopes to have another live CD ready by the show, this one by Esper, recorded late last year. Once again the plan would be for a limited run.

Joshua Prezant


Open for Lexaunculpt and Jega at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 20. Cover is $10 before midnight and $12 after. Call 305-573-8221.
Piccadilly Garden Lounge, 35 NE 40th St.

From his own home in Kendall, Ed Matus reflects on the benefits of self-production. "We like to push the whole evolutionary aspect of the song," he says, as the dark, dramatic blast of a Handel sarabande drones in the background. "We work in a weird, unconscious sort of way. Those three songs in particular are really, really long because we just like to have that nice feeling. Some might call that boring, but to me that's what all art is about. It should demonstrate a nice evolutionary process from start to finish, where you start out one way, and you end up another, and you feel that in between you went through all this stuff to get to point B. A lot of the people we admire have that in common, like Brian Eno, Coltrane -- it's all about that."

"I come from the school of John Coltrane," says Rippe. "There are songs he did that are, like, twenty minutes. If there's a story to tell, there's a story to tell. If it feels right, however long it is, that's how it will stay."

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