Letters to the Editor

From the issue of October 04, 2001

Yes, United States policy in the Middle East has been to take the side of Israel and the more moderate Arab states. (By the way I'm not Jewish either, but I wonder when Jews became passé in "the Movement." Being from the Sixties, I can remember when they were the Movement.) I fail to see where we really had a choice regarding Israel. I mean, even a possibly liberal, possibly socialist, possibly feminist journalist such as Ms. Delgado cannot possibly feel we should have looked the other way and allowed the region to be overtaken by Talibans, Islamic federations, Mullahdoms, or whatever you want to call them. In such regimes Ms. Delgado, as a woman, would be nothing more than a subservient, veil-clad baby machine. Her seditious writings would have had her stoned to death in the town square. Her socialist leanings would get her shot. Yet she condemns the U.S. for the side it took in the Middle East! That's what I mean by knee-jerk. The first politically correct leftist response to any situation is to blame U.S. militarism, even if it means defending the likes of the Taliban or Saddam Hussein.

Israel has not been beyond reproach, but look at its adversaries. Their actions make it very difficult to defend them, even if you have some sympathy for them. They have always been their own worst enemies. It's a simple case of supporting civilization over medieval Islamic feudalism. Ms. Delgado's argument -- that the terrorists were somehow justified in their actions -- makes me ashamed to acknowledge that I probably share her views on some things.

Alex Stepanyk

Nothing Personal, but You Are Morally RepugnantAnd the Good Book says it's so: I know New Times caters to people with a variety of sexual preferences. I have nothing against that. But as a Christian I was outraged to read Juan Carlos Rodriguez's article about Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church's openly gay minister Tommie Watkins ("Saving Souls, Saving Lives," September 20). The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is immoral.

I'm not bashing homosexuals; I'm simply stating my personal beliefs. Rev. Marilyn Hardy needs to worry more about Watkins's eternal soul than about a church's decision to stand on the word of God [by dismissing him]. Yes, homosexuals are allowed in the church if they're willing to repent and turn from their ways. Other than that, ministers and reverends need to stop compromising the word of God.

Sandra Joseph
North Miami Beach

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