Letters to the Editor

From the issue of September 27, 2001

It was not until after I was nearly finished explaining these issues that I learned from her she was a port consultant. And it was not until much later that I learned that she was engaged to be married to Jim Murley, who at the time was secretary of the Florida Department of Community Affairs. This was significant because Mr. Murley's department was, at that time, actively supporting the application of the Homestead airport-conversion proposal. We were locked in an intense fight with the department over that issue. It was in reference to that incident I said, "I did not appreciate giving away my whole strategy." I stand by that conviction today.

Don Chinquina
Palm Beach Gardens

Hot Heads vs. Level Heads
Guess which ones I prefer working with at Audubon: Don Chinquina and [Sierra Club activist] Barbara Lange are perfect examples of hard-line environmentalists. It's their way or no way.

On the other hand, [Tropical Audubon board member and former president] Karsten Rist is an environmentalist who realizes there are ways to solve environmental problems by compromise. That's a win-win for all. I have had the occasion to work with him on Everglades restoration. There are times he has been very stubborn on issues, but ultimately he compromises with what's best for all.

William H. Losner

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