Fresh Seasonings

Up ahead, some lights at the end of the tunnel

It's a varied, eclectic season overall, with both encouraging and disturbing trends. On the plus side, young companies seem to be busting out all over, suggesting both new theatrical visions and visionaries and a more open-minded, adventuresome audience base. But troubling evidence suggests South Florida is experiencing a creative brain drain with the flight of local talent looking for work elsewhere.

For a change, a classic: Shakespeare's The Tempest
For a change, a classic: Shakespeare's The Tempest

Finally a note about one new face on the local theater scene: me. As some New Times readers might recall, I have contributed film reviews from time to time. Now I'll be taking on the role of theater critic, succeeding the worthy and always readable Mia Leonin, who has opted to take some time to work on her own creative writing as well as teach. As her successor I hope and intend that readers will find a continuity of the quality, fairness, and integrity she brought to these pages.

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