The Secret Flush Fund

Investigators have a question for Miriam Alonso: Where'd the money go?

Centorino, who heads the State Attorney's public-corruption unit, declined to address the issue of tension between his office and the county police department. Nor would he comment on reports that the Reboredo case has influenced the Alonso investigation. "Those are separate investigations involving different evidence, and each investigation should be judged independently of any other," he says. "This requires that this office and the police agencies involved work as a team."

New Times has also learned that the Marreros have been questioned by federal agents, who appear to be interested in information relating to the Alonsos' rental properties. Federal prosecutors in May indicted Demetrio Perez, Jr., who at the time was a member of the Miami-Dade County School Board,on 21 counts of mail fraud and making false statements regarding rental properties he owned. Like the Alonsos, he also received federal Section 8 money.

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