Letters to the Editor

From the issue of September 6, 2001

It seems that flies sometimes lay their eggs on dingleberries that festoon the rear ends of lambs, and the eggs hatch into maggots that squirm their way inside the little critters and begin eating. If not caught in time and destroyed with a kind of creosote enema, ass maggots inevitably kill the lambs.

That Vermont infestation is, I think, a useful metaphor for what has happened to government in Miami-Dade County. We have a bad case of the ass maggots. New Times does a good job of informing us, regularly, of the many ways in which elected or appointed officials here abuse the public's trust, performing their work on the body politic like an army of intestinal maggots. But what is less understood is the deadly psychological impact of all that corruption, of living in a place where the ass maggot is king (or mayor or manager or commissioner or inspector -- you get my point).

Those lambs on my cousin's farm just lay down and wait to die. We, on the other hand, mostly just shrug our shoulders and pretend it doesn't really matter. But it does matter, of course. Which is why New Times's investigative pieces are so important, though not always pleasant, to read.

Incidentally, my cousin saved his herd. We can certainly do the same for Miami-Dade, but the cure is unpleasant and involves a lot of assholes.

Samuel Wardwell
Coral Gables

Errata Owing to a reporting error in Lissette Corsa's article "The Cuban Coach" (August 30), baseball player Andy Morales was incorrectly described as having been a team member of the New York Yankees. Morales actually played for a Yankees farm team. Also in "The Cuban Coach," the date American baseball pulled out of Cuba was stated incorrectly. American teams played there until mid-1960.

A reporting error in Kevin McLaughlin's article "Strange Bedfellows" (August 30) led to an erroneous description of Miami's annual White Party. A fundraising event, the White Party is produced and organized by Care Resource, a major South Florida nonprofit AIDS service organization.

New Times regrets the errors.

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