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Watcha gonna do, Inner Circle, make one of the hottest recording studios in the nation?

Since then Inner Circle's Bad Boyshas won a 1993 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, and in 1994 the group was nominated once again for Reggae Dancer.

The days of wandering aimlessly in foreign lands are long gone, and Inner Circle's touring record has now surpassed most bands. "In the last three or four years, we've been everywhere in the world," says Roger. "Brazil, Guam, India, Taipei, Beirut, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka...." The band's drummer, Lancelot Hall adds, "And the United Arab Emirates, too."

This commitment to their fans worldwide and their ardent love for the music are precisely what has ensured their staying power. The brothers blame the media for ignorance of Jamaican culture, always linking reggae to marijuana use and delinquency. "[They] associate reggae as weed music. Reggae never hurt anybody," says Roger. "It makes you feel good inside, the beat alone is so infectious."

Inner Circle just completed its eighteenth CD, Barefoot in Negril (released this summer), at Circle House, where P. Diddy cornered the studios for a couple of months in the spring. "The studio is usually booked completely at least two months in advance," says Lancelot.

And Ian Lewis has his hands in a new project: the first Music Fest Miami. Civic leaders, business owners, and musicians have decided to try and bridge the diversity of our county through music. Lewis was made honorary chair and hopes the fest will deliver. "This is our chance to look at each other so we can live together better. We are a melting pot, and sometimes there is tension." This is a chance, he says, to "release something, through music, which is the best way." The best vibe.

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