In the House

And out as well, youth and the arts have a field day

As the party raved (with overlapping music and people in and out of the house), Hest, #5 and Dask, an art trio respected in the graffiti community in Miami, frantically sprayed a piece on the southern wall, working until midnight, when the event wound to its end.

Nick Delaveleye's hometown view of life in transit
Nick Delaveleye's hometown view of life in transit


On view through September 20, 305-893-6211
The Museum of Contemporary Art, 770 NE 125th St, North Miami

As I left I could see the neighbors, some bewildered, some moving slowly toward the House and mixing with the crowd outside. It was breezy, pleasant, and noisy, and I had the sensation of witnessing a nice flash of human interaction in the name of art. Different people from different ages, races, and ethnic communities attracted by an overall aesthetic experience, which tonight counted much more than the fuzzy details.

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