Letters to the Editor

From the issue of July 26, 2001

 The Reading Report
Free weekly dissected, wacky schools administrator found amid entrails: I enjoyed Jacob Bernstein's profile of state Rep. Carlos Lacasa ("The Carlos Lacasa File," July 19). I was happy to have been instrumental in his first campaign for the statehouse, which was successful. Carlos is a forthright and aggressive state legislator who isn't afraid to admit his mistakes. I also was active in former county Commissioner Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's unsuccessful campaign for county mayor last year. Miguel was an excellent commissioner who stood up for ethics and responsibility in county government. What a shame these two men are so much at odds. They're both good guys. I hope they can find a way to mend fences and work together in the future.

Comments on a few other items from last week's issue: A flick of the middle finger to letter-writers D.T. Winfield and Harry E. Gottlieb for supporting the exclusion from restaurants of people under the age of 21 and for mocking columnist Jen Karetnick. Equating young adults who are old enough to fight for their country with squalling toddlers is sheer stupidity. No Gatsby's restaurant will ever get my business!

And after reading Rebecca Wakefield's story about the sworn testimony of former school district police officer Pepe Gonzalez, I can only conclude that the continued retention of the wacky Henry Fraind by the school system is disgraceful and incredible. The school board ought to fire phony-degree Roger Cuevas and hire a new qualified superintendent who would promise to fire Fraind his first day on the job. Better yet, let's get rid of 90 percent of the current administrators and the whole school board except Marta Perez, who should become dictator of the system. Hopefully newly elected board member Frank Cobo will join Marta in challenging the horrendous status quo.

Richard H. Rosichan
Miami Beach

Manty, Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Why, that wacky schools administrator, that's who: Regarding Rebecca Wakefield's article "Confessions of a Former School District Cop" (July 19), school board member Manty Sabates Morse immediately needs to summon Henry Fraind front and center to respond to the vicious and malicious comments he made to former school district police officer Pepe Gonzalez. And while she's at it, why not hand this Kojak wannabe his walking papers and relieve the taxpayers of this unnecessary public employee?

Russ Gordon

Alexander to Cuevas: Flunk You!
Boss of wacky schools administrator gets the ax: Last time I wrote to New Times about the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, it concerned disgraced principal William Clarke. I spent much time calling and writing all school board members and superintendent Roger Cuevas about Clarke, but still he remained employed by the district at an exorbitant salary ($91,000) even after his sexual-harassment antics cost county taxpayers more than one million dollars in lawsuit settlements. Yes, that is six zeros for this one zero of an employee!

Now Cuevas wants time to regain our trust when it is revealed he wasted many more millions in taxpayer money. I say off with his head. Can Solomon Stinson find the balls he was born with to do the job he was elected to do? Maybe we should ask Demetrio Perez to do the job -- after he clears his name. Perhaps the problem is that Roger Cuevas has the goods on these deadbeat school board members. Who knows?

Any parent with a child in this school system should demand Cuevas's resignation and an investigation of all these people. These are your kids, and this is your money.

Martin Alexander

Sleaze at Six
Let's go live to our talking head: Shame on NBC 6 for allowing a talking head to supposedly engage in the practice of investigative journalism, and kudos for Tristram Korten for exposing the sleaziness and lack of journalistic ethics of the likes of Alicia Ortega ("Double Exposure," July 12). It is obvious the reports she did on businessman Rafaiy Alkhalifa were nothing more than a farce. (I saw the reports when they aired in April.) Clearly they were done at the instigation of Alicia's father, Ray Ortega, to cause harm to Mr. Alkhalifa.

And shame on the Catholic Archdiocese of Miami for allowing a nonpriest like Mr. Ortega to be in charge of assigning priests to conduct mass at funerals. If the archdiocese lacks real priests who can do this, then the archdiocese ought to let a nun handle it. A nonpriest telling priests when and where to do mass is weird and disrespectful of the clergy.

Carlos Lizarraga

My People Need to Get a Life
And they'd also better stop whining about being victims: I'd like to comment on Susan Eastman's article "Our Lady of the Projects" (July 5). In all honesty I don't have any sympathy for the Scott Homes public-housing residents profiled in her story. They choose to live the "ghetto lifestyle," which consists of mastering all things that lack refinement: alcohol, drugs, guns, fashion, jewelry, and so forth. I don't know why any human being would want to live like that, but then, all of us are not created equal, and so we shouldn't be surprised that such people exist.

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