Blacker than Thou

When the Marlin Hotel canceled Louis Oliver's Friday-night soiree, it sent a mixed cultural message

Code-enforcement officers fanned out on the streets armed with hand-held decibel readers, ready to cite supersonically noisy cruisers. The increased security was most obvious on Ocean Drive between Fifth and Eleventh streets as police cars parked between palm trees in Lummus Park and bicycle patrols roamed the sidewalks, writing tickets and taking alcoholic drinks away from problematic pedestrians. However this time instead of the wild ruckuses of Memorial Day, police had to contend with disgruntled underage kids who'd been caught holding an illegal drink in public.

"I felt like a little dope," complained one gel-haired youth, who was forced to pour out his frozen concoction in front of four young women in tight hip-huggers he'd been trying to impress: "The cops are assholes."

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